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ItGirl event with Clarins


You might think that every eyeshadow is the same, that mascara is just like any other mascara, piling is another piling amongst many others... But when you have the opportunity to hear and be convinced of the brands philosophy, method and time it took to become a brand then you realize just how unique ideas and ways of ones brands life are. I am still surprised when I hear the stories about the origin, development and innovation of the brand. This time I had an opportunity to hear about Clarins firsthand from brand manager, Dragana.

Back in 1954. Jacques Courtin - Clarins founded Clarins, which has emerged as a response to the horrors he saw in the hospitals during the second World War. He largely relied on the help of women from the start, so for his first " guinea pigs " he had his sister and her friends. A pioneer in the development of spa methods, inspired by the requests of his clients, begins to produce and sell products for home use. Today the Clarins brand develops in accordance with the requirements of its loyal customers, and thus on their website you can fill out a questionnaire and leave your opinions, suggestions and ideas for new products.

It is interesting that there are many success stories, starting with the first face serum that is still produced according to the same recipe, but they had several excellent ideas that unfortunately didn’t stick. Clarins Laboratories, several years ago, managed to put on the market a truly unique product - cream that protects against electromagnetic radiation. Despite having failed in the marketing sense, I'm glad to see that the father Clarins bravely went to the end with the realization of his ideas.

In addition to a clear vision, innovative, creative ideas Clarins gives back to the community a lot. Finances the construction of schools in areas where there are plants that are crucial for their products, purchased parts of forests and grasslands inhabited by butterflies that are specific and necessary for obtaining certain substances in products, investing in the construction and preservation of the Amazon ... and the list goes on.

All the testers you see in the pictures are brand new and we were the first ones to try them out! So heavenly! clarins-bloggerclarins-bloggersclarins-brushesclarins-chairclarins-cleaning-faceclarins-creamsclarins-double-serumclarins-dudaclarins-eye-productsclarins-eyes-productsclarins-eyeshadow-palleteclarins-face-products-creamsclarins-face-productsclarins-foundationclarins-lip-productsclarins-lipgloss-fuloclarins-lipglossclarins-lipstickclarins-mini-bagclarins-pencilsclarins-productsclarins-rumenilo-bronzerclarins-standclarins-swatch-bloggerclarins-trener


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